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*  "I have used the "The Jigs Up" for several months now and all I can say is it is
wonderful. It has taken a difficult task and made it into a simple enjoyable task. A
simple design that does everything exactly as advertised. I would never try and
solder any connector without the jig and I keep it in my field box for just in case
field repairs."    Charles T. Youngblood (Lexington, SC)

*   "I have now used the jig a good few times , and I think its a cracking little tool, so simple, so brilliant, and no more fiddling about, I ought to have had one years ago, anyway many thanks, and all the best to you, hope to deal with you again" - Ian..(UK)
*   "As a hobby shop owner I and my staff are constantly using the soldering iron for every type of plug imaginable!  My customers were constantly ribbing me about my pliers wrapped in elastics that I used to hold stuff.  When a customer showed me 'The Jigs Up' I had to have one and I had to sell 'em.  They are fantastic!!!  No burnt hands and crappy solder jobs!!!  Tony - Leading Edge Hobbies (Kingston, Ontario)

*   "The Jigs Up is amazing. I have fussed with trying to hold wires & connectors using
"Extra Hands" those silly allegator clips on swivel joints for years with out much
success. Your tool holds the connector, or wire exactly where it needs to be. The
solder connection is quick & easy, thanks.  Steve - (TUCSON, AZ )
     "My Wife gave me one as an X-Mas Gift and I have to tell you it is GREAT. Used it yesterday and this is one of the BEST TOOLS I have on my RC Desk. Your product is wonderful and any person who owns a soldering iron should have one, thank you."
- Mike (Mesa, Arizona)
*   "Hey this is a great gadget, I already put it to work and it's very handy Thanks" - Frank
*   "I'm glad you posted my comments, forget the poke funners, they'll wake up when they need one" - FRANK (Virginia) 
*   "I received mine, and it is a very nice unit. It works so much better than a pair of pliers and a rubber band to keep things steady. Makes it so easy to solder Deans plugs. Well worth the money!" - Ed (Kentucky)
*   "I just tried my jig today on a couple of deans plugs, and it was great. It lets you focus on a nice joint, and not on fiddling with things slipping around. The solder joints I made look nicer than my usual ones, and the experience was a pleasure" - Valaoritis (Manhattan)
*   "I used it ,first time ,last night and it was a dream, the first time I've soldered a Dean's without getting third degree burns to a least one finger ,LOL.  The other really great thing when soldering the Dean's connector you can solder the negative, then turn the block on it's end to do the positive which saves me a heap of time, I used to have to wait for the first joint to cool then re-position the plug to solder the second.
Needless to say I'm wrapped in the jig's up!"- JIM (Melbourne, Australia)
*   "A must have for any serious hobbyist! I got hooked and soldered everything in sight...   All my a123 packs were completed and miscellaneous leads. Thank you for such an innovative product."  Ed - Miami, FL area dentist
*   "Hi, thanks for that, the jig arrived safe and sound today, it's a little beauty ! No doubting it will be very useful to me" - JIM
*   "I made a very similar jig from a block of Mica several years ago. Until then, I'd had more burned fingers, and poor soldered joints than I can accurately count. Now I can keep a full covering of skin on my hands, and I never have to spend time re-soldering "cold connections" I guarantee you'll bless the day you bought this" - Dennis
*   "When you need to put a screw into those helicopter micro servo arms, you cannot hold the tiny screw and can barely grip the servo arm. It makes you want to throw the heli away when you are faced with replacing the screw. I used your jig to hold the servo arm and used needle nose pliers to start the screw. It worked perfectly." -Mike(Florida)
*   "Bought one for an X-mas gift. I like it a lot, nice and simple." -AutoXMan (RC Groups)
*   "He's a good man with a pretty good idea. I like it!" - rccrazee (RC Groups)