The Soldering Jig for RC Connectors  
  -Making the Task of Soldering RC Connectors Simple and Easy-

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 Would you like to make the task of soldering these connectors simple and easy? If so, you've come to the right place. This jig quickly and securely clamps, holds, and releases these connectors for your soldering tasks. To enjoy the many benefits of this soldering jig, go to our order page now for a great price!
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*Helping Hand and Alligator Clips 
are included!
The Jigs Up holds the following connectors: XT60, Deans T connector, Traxxas, EC-3, EC-5, Multiplex 6 pin, Deans Micro 2pin, 3pin, & 4pin connectors and 2mm, 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5mm, and 8mm bullet connectors.
Note: The alligator clips are a fairly tight hand-pressed fit into the two holes that are in the back side of the jig (this is pictured above).
You can achieve excellent results quickly and easily soldering bullet connectors with The Jigs Up if you use one of the following methods.  Method #1, you can use a soldering tip with a 60 degree cone (conical) shaped tip. Insert the hot soldering tip into the vent hole found on the side of many bullet connector cups and fill the cup about 1/4 full with hot melted solder, now insert the tinned wire to be soldered all the way down into the cup.  Remove the soldering tip from the connector cup and continue to hold the wire for a few seconds until the solder hardens.  Method #2, you can also get excellent results quickly and easily if you use a hot 1/4" wide spade (screwdriver, chisel) shaped soldering tip put to the side of the connector cup (covering the vent hole if there is one) and filling the cup about 1/4 full with hot melted solder and inserting the tinned wire to be soldered all the way down into the connector cup, then remove the soldering tip from the side of the connector cup and continue to hold the wire until the solder hardens. These methods darn near eliminate solder from flowing down onto the sides and splines of male and female bullet connectors resulting in a quick, simple and easy professional soldering job.  Hope this helps you...

- I use a Weller 40 watt soldering iron and it works very good with these connectors.