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Hi folks,

We have now posted a short demonstration video using The Jigs Up soldering jig which is used for holding the electrical connectors for soldering tasks.
Description of “The Jigs Up”

The holes on top of the jig are used to hold 3.5mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 6.5 mm and 8mm bullet connectors. Note: The alligator clips are a fairly tight hand-pressed fit into the two holes that are in the back side of the jig.

The “v” slots on the front of the jig is used to hold the 2mm bullet connectors and the pins for the Traxxas connectors.

The slot on the right side of the jig is used for a XT60 connector, Traxxas, Multiplex 6 pin, and the Deans T connectors.

The slot on the left side of the jig is used for Deans 2-pin, 3-pin, and 4-pin micro connectors.
Instructions for “The Jigs Up”

The video clip on the website will show us soldering a Deans T Connector, a 3.5mm bullet connector, and a 2mm bullet connector.

******To start out: make sure that your soldering iron is HOT!!!!

We recommend that you tin both the wire and the connector pin to be soldered with a liberal amount of solder.

Now place the wire on top of the connector pin and place the “hot” soldering tip on top of the wire until the solder melts…

Then take the soldering tip away from the wire and hold the wire in place for a few seconds until the solder cools……..

This will give you a good connection!

(Note:  The Jigs Up can also be placed on top of the wire while you tin the wire)